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A dish that feels similar to deconstructed sushi, the poke bowl uses some of the same popular ingredients including layers of soy sauce marinated fish, rice, and tasty vegetable toppings like avocado and edamame. The ideal lunch option for warmer days or when you're looking for a minimal effort recipe that still packs a delicious punch.

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When it comes to pairing your fish with a glass of something special, white wine is often the go-to choice. However, the myth that red wine only works alongside red meat is a myth that needs debunking, as it can actually go very nicely with fish.  

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Light bodied and vibrantly fresh Prosecco is among the favourites of the white wine family and is ideally suited to seafood.

Pop open a bottle of bubbly and indulge in these two perfectly matched recipes.

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Chablis and seafood, a match made in heaven. Dover Sole, Lobster and Salmon are among the best matches for the crisp taste of Chablis. Enjoy tucking into these three delightful seafood recipes with your favourite white wine in hand!

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