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Light bodied and vibrantly fresh Prosecco is among the favourites of the white wine family and is ideally suited to seafood.

Pop open a bottle of bubbly and indulge in these two perfectly matched recipes.

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Chablis and seafood, a match made in heaven. Dover Sole, Lobster and Salmon are among the best matches for the crisp taste of Chablis. Enjoy tucking into these three delightful seafood recipes with your favourite white wine in hand!

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Two recipes we believe perfectly compliment Sauvignon Blanc.

Chinese inspired prawns and baked Sea Bass are certainly crowd pleasers and are sure to be added to your favourite seafood recipes. Even better when served with a light bodied Sauvignon Blanc and its fruity aromas.

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This is a super quick and easy dish to make that always adds the wow factor to any supper plans you may have. It can be made and ready to serve in less than 10 minutes. Ingredients (for 2 people as a starter) 8 scallops Splash of dry white wine (1/4 of a small glass) One packet of chopped and diced chorizo Frozen peas (fresh if you can find them) One dollop (table spoon) of Creme Fraiche (optional)  8 bruschetta (to serve the scallops on, (optional)) Method Step one: Add the chorizo and frozen (or fresh) peas to a frying...

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