Top tips to season and cook your fish

Top tips to season and cook your fish

Before you even start thinking about the best way to season and cook your fish sourcing top quality fish is crucial. Whether it’s frozen or fresh doesn’t matter as long as the fish is of optimal quality as this will decide the flavour and texture. Lucky for you we have the exceptional quality fish you need! Once you’ve chosen your seafood let’s get started with the cooking and seasoning stuff!

Seasoning right can be tricky. It is easy to add too much or too little seasoning. Always remember it’s easy to add more flavouring but hard to take away, so start of slow and add more if needed. With fish having such a delicate flavour you don’t want to overpower the taste with seasoning that are too strong. Remember seasoning is not marinating – it does not need to sit over night and will work best being rubbed onto the fish just before cooking. 

Cooking Fish

Cooking times can vary depending on the thickness of your fish cut. Check to see if your fish has any cooking instructions on its packaging. If it doesn’t a basic rule to go by is cooking the fish for 10 minutes per one inch. A fillet of one inch would take 10 minutes to cook, a two inch would take 20 minutes and so on.

However, this is only a rough guide to go off, so checking your fish is cooked thoroughly is always advised. A trick to seeing if your fish is fully cooked is to use a knife to pierce the thickest part, if the fish is flaky and no longer translucent it is cooked. Cooking fish to excellence can be a challenging task and it may take some practice to get your timing perfect.

Another top tip to remember is to pat your fish dry before cooking to absorb any extra moisture. This prevents the fish from becoming soggy when it cooks, resulting in only flaky goodness!


Leave the skin on fish when grilling and lightly oil the grill rack to avoid any sticking. Halfway through the cooking time it’s important to turn your fish to stop burning, using tongs is the easiest method to do this. Have your grill on a medium heat, having the heat too high can result in the fish burning before its fully cooked.


Mist the pan with oil or a spoonful of butter. Allow the pan to heat up and if using, the butter to melt and foam before adding in the fish. Always sear the fish skin side down when cooking. Keeping the skin on when cooking will stop the fish from drying out. Baste the fish in the melted butter for a buttery flake that’s super delicious. When searing the fish ensure not to move the fish too much, too much tampering could result in a tough texture.


Line your baking tray with foil or parchment paper for easier cleaning and to stop any sticking, this will also prevent any lingering smell of fish. Place your fish in a preheated oven and allow to stand for a few minutes once cooked.


Five flavours for fish dishes

Herbs are great for adding a freshness to your fish dishes as this perfectly compliments the delicate flavour of fish.


Perhaps the most popular of flavourings to pair with fish is a citrus flavour like lemon or lime. Citrus work so well as it brings a tart yet sweet freshness to you fish dish. It’s a crisp and clean flavour that perfectly compliments the fresh taste of seafood. It's light and bright and nothing too overpowering for the delicate flavour that works wonderfully with salmon.


With a reminiscent flavour to onion and slight hints of garlic, chives are magnificent for pairing with fish. Incorporate them into a lemon butter for an easy flavour pairing that works beautifully. Typically going best with white fish like seabass and bream.


An earthy herb that perfectly balances out fish dishes, ideal for garnishing your seafood dish. It’s slightly bitter flavour perfectly balances out the savoury flavour of fish. Extremely easy to grow from home making it the ideal herb for using on your fish dishes.


Fresh dill is another herb that is ideal for adding a last-minute garnish to your fish dish. It’s fresh, earthy flavour with slight citrus notes perfectly pairs with fish like dover sole.

Smoked Paprika

Paprika adds a woody, smoked flavour to your fish dish. It’s a superb seasoning for fuller fish dishes like stews or paella that can carry a richer flavour. Paprika also works beautifully sprinkled over shellfish.

Our favourite flavour combinations for fish

If you’re looking for some solid flavour combinations for your fish dishes that will never let you down, we have just the list of seafood combinations for you.

Seafood spice blends

Try adding lemon zest, garlic, rosemary, and thyme for a seasoning bend that is ideal for a citrusy, herb rub. Perfectly paired with white fish like dover sole.

For something Sweet and Spicy try mixing cumin, chilli flakes, tarragon, and parsley

If you’re looking for a more aromatic flavour a great blend is cumin, coriander, and turmeric.

Choose your preferred spice blend and generously rub into your fish before cooking immediately - we can assure you, there will be no disappointed!