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Chablis and seafood, a match made in heaven. Dover Sole, Lobster and Salmon are among the best matches for the crisp taste of Chablis. Enjoy tucking into these three delightful seafood recipes with your favourite white wine in hand!

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In honour of White Wine Day Copperbay Seafood are inspiring exciting cooking with some fish recipes that perfectly match the UK’s favourite, Pinot Grigio.

Here’s some delicious meal ideas for Oysters, Mussels and Monkfish ready for White Wine Day.

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Two recipes we believe perfectly compliment Sauvignon Blanc.

Chinese inspired prawns and baked Sea Bass are certainly crowd pleasers and are sure to be added to your favourite seafood recipes. Even better when served with a light bodied Sauvignon Blanc and its fruity aromas.

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As the temperatures start to rise the trusty BBQ gets fired up and the Dad's prepare to burn various meat's to a crisp. Our Citrus Salmon BBQ recipe is the perfect alternative to a charred, bland burger and what's more, it is super easy to make.

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Our very own 'filletician' Paul shows how to expertly fillet the king of fish - the Turbot.

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