Scottish Salmon Fillet (200g)

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Our fresh Scottish Salmon fillets weigh at least 200g and arrive scaled, boned, pinned & trimmed ready for you to cook and use in any of your favourite seafood dishes.

This really is the highest quality salmon you can buy and far superior to anything you will ever taste from a supermarket. Perfect for hearty family meals or even as a showstopper for a dinner party. Our Scottish Salmon Fillets never fail to impress, and we are sure that you will love them too.


Try our Scottish Salmon fillets in a Tuscan style cream sauce.

  • Begin by patting dry your salmon fillets.
  • In a large deep pan heat a drizzle of oil over a medium heat and sear the salmon fillets for around 4 minutes on each side until pink all the way through and beginning to flake. Remove fillets from the pan and set aside for later.
  • In the same pan used for cooking the salmon fillets add in 2 tbsp of butter and melt before adding in 4 minced garlic and 1 diced onion. Cook for around 40 seconds to allow the garlic to become aromatic.
  • Add in 150g of sundried tomatoes, continue cooking for 2 minutes before reducing to a lower heat.
  • Pour in 400ml of heavy cream to the pan and gently simmer. Add a dash of salt and pepper to season. Stir occasionally to prevent the sauce from burning.
  • Tip in large handful of spinach and 50g of parmesan and continue simmering the sauce allowing the cheese to melt,
  • Place the salmon fillets back into the pan, spooning the sauce over each fillet allowing them to soak up all the creamy flavour.
  • Finish with a sprinkle of freshly chopped parsley and serve on top of rice with your favourite green veg.

Another great recipe to try is our super healthy and super easy Citrus Salmon BBQ meal that is shown in the recipe section of our website. Fish is the perfect BBQ food and this recipe is real jaw dropper in terms of taste and smell.


All of our Copper Bay Seafood produce is carefully shipped in polystyrene boxes that is packed with ice.