Oxwich Bay Live Lobsters

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If you are looking to add a slice of glamour, pomp and ceremony to your intimate supper or maybe you are hosting a dinner party and want a big wow factor, then one of our live, Oxwich Bay lobsters is for you.

These will arrive alive (safe, healthy and secure) and ready for you to prepare. They should be cooked within two days of their arrival, if needed, you can cook them and immediately freeze them in order maintain their freshness ready to be served up when needed.

Our Oxwich Bay Live Lobsters are caught just across the bay from our own premises and this means that they arrive in the freshest of condition and the best ones are then hand-picked for our customers only.

Our Live Lobsters should be stored in their box, in the coldest part of your fridge for no longer than two days.


Here's the best way to cook lobster.

Perhaps the easiest way to cook lobster is by boiling. All you need is a pot large enough to cook your lobster in.

  • Begin by bringing a large pot of boiling water to the boil. Add a sprinkle of salt into the water.
  • Once boiling place the lobster into the water.
  • Boil the lobster for 8-10 minutes depending on the size before removing with a large pair of tongs and setting aside, ready to prepare the meat in any way you like.

Head over to our recipe page for a Lobster Thermidor recipe, a delicious way to prepare your lobster as a luxury dinner time treat.


All of our Copper Bay Seafood produce is carefully shipped in polystyrene boxes that is packed with ice.